The Rocky Mount VA-Farmers Market is being transformed into a sweet outdoor venue. Where the Harvester will present shows in an outdoor setting with 1st class stage, audio, lights, and Your Favorite Music! 

FAQ - If you Don’t see your question, send an email to

  • How many seats or pods -what are you calling them to access social distancing? Can I come with my friends & can we sit together?
    Pods in 6 ft. circles marked on the ground will allow distance between other concert attendees
    What are the Capacities for both areas
    Outdoor Capacity No more than 1500 with 6 ft. social distancing spaces
    Indoor Capacity 200 with social distancing seating for the seeable future both venues will operate at 33% capacity.
  • Where do I park
    Parking is available in all the lots and street spaces located around the downtown area as any show at the Harvester. Parking is free
  • Tickets:
    Can be purchases on-line or by calling the Box Office 540-484-8277
    Tickets may be purchased day of show on line and at the Harvester Box office. All social distancing precautions are in effect in the building- 
  • Seating: Most shows are general admission unless posted on artists page,
    The Harvester will have tables and chairs but if you choice to bring your own lawn chairs that is acceptable.
    Just be careful not to bring any item that may obstruct the view of the stage for other patrons. Umbrellas, pop tents and other large items will not be permitted.
    Social distancing will be in effect in the line-
    Please be patient as we get everyone in in a timely manner- Please check your tickets for Door Times-
  • Where do I Check in and exit is at the Rocky Mount Farmers Market parking lot directly across the street from the Harvester Front entrance.
  • Will I have to have my temperature taken? Yes everyone will have their temperature taken to gain entrance. We are following guidelines to keep and wear a mask - obviously when enjoying a beverage or something to eat removing the mask is acceptable. Please wear your mask during the show. 
  • We ask that the patrons also respect one another and use these so all can stay healthy. Please bring and wear your mask when close to others.
  • Hand sanitizer stations Where will they be located- several areas/at check in-- Hand sanitizer
  • Can I go outside/our other area for a smoke- is there a smoking section- smoking area will be well marked outside of the viewing area 
  • Bathroom how they are monitored at any one time--There will be flushable bathrooms with sinks - soap - water. There will also be portable toilets with hand sanitizers - and hand washing stations with soap and water - towels etc. One at a time in any of the bathrooms or portable toilets.
  • Will you be restricting the entrance and exit-- Outdoor shows will follow the Harvester rules about leaving. No re-entry unless it's cleared with the staff security. Refund policy is not changing. If a show is cancelled or postponed refunds are available.
  • Animals: Dogs/animals are not allowed at events.
  • Will there be security check points -Yes when you arrive security will wand every person- security policies will be extended to all outdoor shows. 


Food & Beverage

Where can I eat and get a beverage

  • The Harvester beverage menu is still available as will be food trucks (not at all shows)/ Pizza Hut items, soda, water,chips and candy. But we encourage you to support our local establishments and eat before, or get takeout and bring to eat at the venue. No Coolers /alcohol - We'll have tables - chairs, which will be placed responsibly so distance is not an issue. Please do not leave trash around your seat –there will be trash cans and recycle bins throughout the area. 
  • The Harvester Performance Center will use disinfectant spray no matter capacity on all indoor shows/events.
  • We ask that the patrons also respect one another and use these so all can stay healthy. Please bring and wear your mask when close to others.
  • Shows locations at the discretion of the promoter/venue- The Harvester can and may move shows indoors depending on weather and expected capacity.